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Buying & Paying

Frequently asked questions

Buying & Paying

We basically honor currency only in U.S. Dollars.
No other currencies are honored.

We only accept payment by telegraphic transfer through bank remittance.
The bank remittance provides an official written evidence of the payment transaction for both the buyer and seller.
We neither accept payment by credit card nor accept money transfer service like PayPal or Western Union.

IHM Trade does not guarantee that we will provide you with the spare keys.
If the spare keys are available, we will send them to you.
However, we do not duplicate spare keys on request.

You may cancel a deal before the vehicle is shipped.
Cancellation rules vary, depending on the phase of your transaction.
Please check the cancellation rules as follows.

1) Before you make remittance, you may cancel anytime without cost. Please notify us immediately, in such case.
2) After we have received your payment, we will charge10% of the invoice amount or $500, whichever higher, as a cancellation fee.
We will refund the amount after deducting the charges such as bank charges.
3) Once the shipping arrangement is made, we do not accept any order cancellation.
Therefore, no refund is available.

IHM put quality verification statement for each car, which is based on physical inspection of the car by professional authorities in Japan.
The vehicle you select does not have such quality verification statement or if you would like to have double check, you may request for a chargeable inspection.

IHM keep the vehicle for customer as long as customer meet the payment deadline.
48 hours (2 days) for Telegraphic Transfer, 120 hours (5 days) for payment confirmation at our bank from the invoice is issued.